How the Virb + Etsy Integration Works

  • 1

    Create your own store on Etsy.

  • 2

    List your products on your Etsy Store.

  • 3

    Import your store into your Virb website.

  • 4

    Customize your site and add content.

“Adding Virb to my platforms was incredibly easy and the integration has been seamless. Sending my Virb site around to potential customers and clients has helped many people easily access me and my work.”

Virb is the easiest way to build your own beautiful website—free from code and tech jargon.

It's simple: Choose from over a dozen customizable themes, connect to your Etsy shop with a couple clicks, add other useful pages, and even connect with the social media you love—all for just $10 a month. Plus, mobile sites are built right in so your customers can shop anywhere. Seems too good to be true? That's how we feel about 3D printed jewelry.

Check out Virb

Mason: a new hand-crafted theme with a softer side.

We've designed a brand new Theme just for you Etsy folks, who have an eye for detail and an appreciation for refined beauty.

Give your products a home[page].

Create an inclusive shopping experience around your brand or style by adding a photo gallery, a page about you, a blog to show what inspires you, or even your latest Instagram shots. It's all built into Virb and is easier to use than any sewing machine we've ever encountered.

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